Congratulations to all!
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Brittany Bucher
0-4 Grand Supreme: Lyla-Grace
5-12 Grand Supreme: Leila-Rose Torres
13 & up Grand Supreme: Dani VanKampen
Overall Outfit of Choice: Alexus Rodriguez
Overall Casual Wear: Jocelyn Duran
Overall Photogenic: Emily Harris
Overall Interview: Kayla Mackney
Miss Spirit: Persephone Glamore
0-23 mos division: V'Italia Valecce
2-4 Division: Melania Sourial
5-8 Division: Caitlyn Toth
9-12 Division: Alani Nelson
13-15 Division: Zimayah Mosley
16-19 Division: pulled
20-29 Division: Tahira Gilyard
30 & up Division: Karen Russo
Miss Congeniality: Allegra Lopez
0-4 Talent: Lyla-Grace
5-12 Talent: Laila-Rose Torres
13 & up Talent: Jenica Zanes
Overall Talent: Dani VanKampen
People's Choice: Madison Wertz