Magical Moments' Perfect Pageant

At our charity pageant on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2021 we will also be introducing a new pageant opportunity!
Proudly Presenting Magical Moment’s Perfect Pageant, a prelim to World's Perfect Pageant

No need to compete separately, just check off the Perfect box on your registration form if you want to be eligible. Only $50, and if you win, that $50 also goes towards your nationals fees!
$100 if you do not compete in the charity pageant!

Compete once on stage in beauty!
Same Photogenic entry!
Summer Wear: Any summer outfit: rompers, shorts/shirts, sundresses

All winners will move onto
World’s Perfect Pageant in Orlando, FL
July 26- Aug 1, 2021

(days needed to be there varies based on age division)

An amazing pageant production! Amazing director! Amazing Week!

Age Divisions: Baby (0-23 mos) Toddler (2-3 yrs), Little Miss (4-7 yrs), Preteen (8-12 yrs), Junior Teen (13-15 yrs), Teen (16-19 yrs), Miss (20-29), Woman (30-49), Classic Woman (50 & up)

This is a big commitment, but one you won’t be disappointed in! If you are awarded a "Perfect" title,  please understand you must attend Nationals in Florida in July. If  you cannot attend you will forfeit your title, crown and sash with no refunds.

Local winners will receive official custom World’s Perfect crown, sash and great fees off the National pageant as well as getting your FREE ad page, FREE tote bag, FREE WOW wear (designed by Michael Galanes) and an invitation to attend/walk in NY Fashion Week.

Magical Moment’s Perfect is so honored to be included as part of the Northeast’s Perfect Family!