Evening Wear: Express yourself in your choice of evening wear. This can be a pageant dress (glitzy in style), evening gown, cocktail dress or fancy pantsuit! This is about you and what makes you comfortable! While your outfit may be glitzy, your makeup cannot. No makeup allowed on any contestant under 9. Other divisions please be age appropriate.

Casual Wear: This event is truly what it means...casual wear. Off-the-Rack outfit. Show your personal style and personality. NO custom outfits. Please do not add anything to your off the rack outfit. Leave just as you purchased. 

Outfit of Choice: Here is where you can wear your custom outfits! Anything goes: swimwear, costume, sportswear, fun fashion. Any outfit that shows your true sense of style, fashion and modeling ability.

Interview: ages 4 and up only! This is held round-robin style. Each contestant will get 2 minutes with each judge to show them their true authentic selves. Questions will be geared towards getting to know you. No political questions will be asked!

Photogenic: Natural Photos only. No Glitz photos. Photos can only have slight touch-ups (stray hairs, blemishes, color correction). 8x10 preferred. Color or black and white.

Talent: Ages 4 and up only! Can you sing, dance, play an instrument, act out a scene or give a stirring monologue? Then we want to see you perform. Remember talent is also about being true to yourself! 3 minute time limit.