COVID-19 Preperations

We all know how things have changed since mid-March.
At this time we are all set to proceed on Saturday, August 1st unless large gathering and social  distancing rules are still in place.

Should we be able to host our event we will abide by all CDC regulations put in place at that time.

Here are other changes to the day that will take place to ensure everyone's health and safety.

For now...registration will be offered Friday night and Saturday morning to help alleviate long lines.

Tape on floor will insure social distancing.

Masks must be worn throughout the hotel unless in your own hotel room or right before you walk on stage.

Interviews will no longer be one on one but rather panel style to alleviate face to face. Contestants will stand on a marked X 6 feet from judges.

Hand sanitizer will be available before & after registration line and at the ballroom doorway.

Unfortunately our contestants party is cancelled (as of now) as well as our lunch buffet. We will offer your cupcakes to go.

Playing with seating. Our goal is to have each family reserve their number of seats needed at crowning. We will seat them together in assigned seats. The next family grouping will be set as far away as possible or required. This will insure distancing as well as hygiene since the only people sitting in those chairs all day is your family. The ball room is quite large.

We will have 2 dressing rooms.

We encourage hair and makeup to be done in private rooms to help with spacing. No eating allowed in dressing rooms. There is a beautiful outdoor space at the hotel to eat comfortably.

Our numbers are very low...should numbers increase we will revisit some of these rule

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